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QN9080: functions from arm_math executed in Cortex core or FSP ?

Question asked by Yorick Brunet on Oct 2, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by Estephania Martinez



I currently have a system with two microcontrollers. One handles BLE and the other handles the signal processing. I am looking for a new microcontroller that can do both.


The QN9080SIP seems to be a good candidate. However, I don't know the signal processing world. I thus have a few questions.


In the software, there are calls to:

- arm_fir_init_f32(): from UM11023 page 214/224, I assume that the FSP is able to execute a FIR up to 16 taps. The code could thus be ported to the FSP.

- arm_sub_f32(), arm_mean_f32(), arm_std_f32(): I have seen nothing in UM11023 that said that the FSP would be able to execute these instructions. These instructions would thus be executed in the Cortex-M4F core.


Am I right ?


Thank you.


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