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Communication between AOSP JNI and HIDL

Question asked by Maneesh Singh on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by vinothkumar s

Hi Sir,

I am working on AOSP version 9.0 and using iMX8M Mini EVK development Kit and developing a android application which will use my custom system service to access HAL functionality.

I am able to create custom system service in AOSP framework and able to use it from from my Android App.

but while interfacing JNI layer and HIDL layer I am facing issue.


I am following below link for creating my custom HIDL and trying to access it from JNI layer -



I am also following the Light Example from AOSP to create my own custom HIDL and JNI layer.

AOSP File Path =>

JNI -> com_android_server_lights_LightsService.cpp         << framework/base/services/core/jni >>

HIDL -> Light.cpp / Light.h / ILight.Hal       << hardware/interfaces/light >> 


I am Successfully able to build the JNI layer and HIDL layer separately but i am not able to access HIDL from my JNI layer code. I am trying to use Binderized Mode as shown in above links and in AOSP Light Example. 


After successfully compiling the AOSP code when i try to run it on iMX8M EVK it is not booting and when i checked the logcat it is waiting for my HIDL service. Boot is getting stuck at android logo itself.


Please Suggest how can I use HIDL in Pass through or Binderized Mode and access it from my JNI code.


NOTE : I am referring above mentioned link and AOSP Light Example for creating my JNI and HIDL code.