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PF3000 LICELL power consumption

Question asked by Lars Heinrichs on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by igorpadykov

On debugging an i.MX7 based system with a PF3000 i realized the battery voltage of the LICELL in the system drops rapidly (>1 mV/s). The battery used is a 5.5mAh rechargable Li battery (Type MS621FE-FL11E).


I am wondering where this "immense" current draw is coming from. The LICELL is directly connected to an RTC (PCF85263A, ~300nA) and the PF3000.


The only always-on supply of the PF3000 should be VSNVS and VCOREDIG. Latter is not connected to anything other then the PMIC and an external capacitor. VSNVS is connected to the MX7's VDD_SNVS_IN and a 100k pullup for PWRON.


How may i reduce the systems energy consumtion?

Does the system automatically recover if i remove the pullup on PWRON?

If the pullup is not removed, will the PMIC try to power up constantly, while PWRON is pulled high to VSNVS?

Is there a way to disable the MX7's internal RTC?