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SEMC_1_PERIPHERAL missing from peripherals.h

Question asked by Jeff Thompson on Oct 2, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2019 by Adrian Stoica

I'm using MCUXpresso 11.01 ConfigTools for the MIMXRT1062DVJ6A and have added the SEMC to my project. The SEMC configuration in the Peripherals tool is the default, except that, under General configuration, I've set  SDRAM configuration/CS pin mux to "MUX RDY pin". The generated peripherals.h file does not define SEMC_1_PERIPHERAL, but the generated peripherals.c file does reference it. Since the file is read-only, I have to make it writable, add the macro definition

/* Definition of peripheral ID */

and remember to add it back if I make a change that requires the code to be updated.


Have I missed some configuration step that would resulted in the Peripherals tool automatically generating the macro definition?