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On-Boarding Gets Stuck at 30%

Question asked by Matthew Lingscheit on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by Theophile Leroy

I am following the migration guide, and I have registered a new security profile and gotten my API key and created an APK and installed the application on my phone. However, whenever I attempted to on-board a device it just gets stuck at 30% with no other errors. Another window for login never opens. The console on the device only shows the confirmation request and nothing else. Any suggestions on how to proceed?


22 169933 [UDP_Server_Task] Replying with {"DSN":"SSn4ZdIJHTM=","ProductID":"3M_Alexa","CodeChallenge":"hSXueScDQhhkslc2VpaWOBxSBIARTD7OxkgxHnoldfc","state":"Hello"}
23 180439 [UDP_Server_Task] Received message from: on port 37809 -> {"State":"ConfirmationRequest"}
24 180439 [UDP_Server_Task] Replying with {"DSN":"SSn4ZdIJHTM=","State":"ConfirmationReply"}