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Next-To-Last byte I2C Concept

Question asked by unknown issuee on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by unknown issuee

I read T1040 reference manual and encountered the following explanation but i actually didnt understand it.




"for a multiple byte transfer before reading the next-to-last byte in I2CDR, which causes the master receiver to not acknowledge the next transfer and to automatically generate a STOP at the conclusion of the next transfer"


I'm confusing because if master-receiver sends NACK for next-to-last-byte  then this means we cannot get last byte from slave transmitter because we send a NACK for last byte because we didnt read it yet.


and by the way, when i set I2CCR[TXAK] , the NACK is sending to slave transmitter for the byte which i read it from I2CDR register ?


can you explain this concept for me ?