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Is this means OTP burning has been done ?

Question asked by pomepome11 on Sep 29, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by bpe

I cannot write SRK hash.
After the procedure in LSDK User guide 6.4.5, I ran debugger and it fails.
I turned off the device and boot from QSPI(non secure).
Checking SNVS state, I got this result on uboot.
=> md 1e90014 1
01e90014: 002b3c80  


Before, I had got this result.
=> md 1e90014
01e90014: 002b0088


Is this means that OTPMK and SRKH have already been burned ?

I understand that fuse burning is done only when WP=1 is set in input_fuse_file.

And I checked the fuse file, the flag was not set.

I use ls1046a-frwy.