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Building USDPAA applications with yocto 2.7

Question asked by Sedat Altun on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by Sedat Altun

My question is about how to build USDPAA applications with yocto 2.7 for t4240rdb-64b board.


I am able to build images by using latest yocto 2.7 by using the instructions from  

qoriq-components/yocto-sdk - Repo manifest for QorIQ Yocto SDK .


I am getting the yocto layers from community repository and then by the below commands I succeeded to build kernel4.14, rootfs, dtb ..


$: . ./setup-env -m t4240rdb-64b
$: bitbake fsl-image-networking-full


After build when I looked at rootfs there is no usdpaa applications . 

What I have to do in order to build usdpaa applications by yocto 2.7?