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Issues about testing NXH3670 to android phones

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by Xiang Li

Hi, NXP support team, I have got an NXH3670 SDK suit recently, when testing USB audio, I got some issues. According to the doc AN12360, I tested the original application of the SDK suit, it worked fine with the PC ( win 10 ), I got the right audio stream from the PC to the headset, and when speaking to the mic on the headset, the pc got the right mic audio. But when tested on the android phone (Huawei mate 10), only the audio stream from the phone to the headset worked fine, the mic audio was not received by the phone when I spoke to the mic on the headset. I want to know if the NXH3670 tested on android phones and ios phones. Is there some guide docs that I can follow to test NXH3670 on the android phone?