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Need information on connecting S32V234-EVB2 to other MCU using UART

Question asked by Prem J on Sep 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2020 by Paul Vlase



We wanted to connect NXP-S9KEA8P44M48SF0 to S32V234-EVB2 board using UART.

Please do share details about connecting.


We understand that, S32v234-Evb2 has serial to USB converter chip ( ttyLF0 device node is being shown) in order to connect to PC. 

But we would like to have UART communication between  S32V234-EVB2 board and NXP-S9KEA8P44M48SF0, please do provide any pointers and details. 

- Do let us know software dependencies like UART driver etc so as to communicate with NXP-S9KEA8P44M48SF0 using UART.

- Feasibility of connecting aS32V234-EVB2 board and NXP-S9KEA8P44M48SF0,using UART.