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Setting up imx6qsabresd as a USB gadget.

Question asked by Ramesh Krishnan N on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by Ramesh Krishnan N

Hi ,


I am trying to setup imx6qsabresd evaluation board as a USB webcam gadget. i have enabled required USB gadget support device driver


I am using "fsl-image-validation-imx" yocto recipe to build sdcard images.


Modules loaded :

modprobe libcomposite

modprobe configfs

modprobe usb_f_uvc

modprobe g_webcam


Below is the output after loading above modules :

   g_webcam gadget: uvc_function_bind                                                   
   g_webcam gadget: Webcam Video Gadget                                                 
   g_webcam gadget: g_webcam ready 


But device does not get detected in Host (P.C)


Please let me know what might be issue and what else is required to turn the EVK board into device mode.