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MKW41Z ZigBee connection issues

Question asked by Bogdan Kostiv on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez



I'm working on a solution with ZigBee connectivity features. Target platform - MKW41Z512. A role of a device - an end device with a router capabilities. Coordinator is based on other platform (CC2520). Security settings - reconfigured link key. I used samples for MKW41Z512 as a base for the development.


Currently I' facing some issues with communication. The MKW41Z512 device initializes communication, it receives beacon and then starts association procedure. But this procedure fails when coordinator sends association response (successful):


sometimes I see that communication goes further but it reach maximum a Transport Key transmission:


I re-checked configuration several times but haven't found what can causes such an issue.


I also checked to connect the MKW41Z512 device to a MKW41Z512 - based coordinator. And in such setup everything works. I can see successful connection and communication. It seems like there are some issues during transmission data from  CC2520 to MKW41Z512.


My questions:

1. What setup/configuration may cause such behavior?

2. As I know, recommended bitrate fr 2.4G is 250 kbps for ZigBee, but I discovered that the PHY for MKW41Z512 sets 500 kbps as default value. I tried to use  250 kbps setup but in this case the MKW41Z512 device wasn't able to receive beacon from the CC2520 coordinator.