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i.MX6 Boot Issue in Production Boards

Question asked by Ratheesh Chandran on Sep 25, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by igorpadykov

We have designed SoM based on i.MX6 Quad processor (PN; MCIMX6Q6AVT10AD) with 1GB DDR3 ( PN: IS43TR16128B -125KBLI). The DDR3 is routed in T-topology, with 4x DDR3 devices. The board is in production. 


Our issue is that 20% of the modules fails to boot during production test. We have to re-try DDR calibration to make these modules passed. I am just wondering , is it normal to do a DDR calibration for each production lot? ( even if I don't change any design or component etc)


Recently we build 1000 modules together. We did a DDR calibration for this batch. But still all module built on this batch doesn't boot well with this DDR calibration setting..


We are using u-boot version: