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PTN3460BS/F2  Support

Question asked by zz zzz on Sep 25, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by G.w. Sun

We use PTN3460BS/F2 in Our Product--Motherboard for All-In-One PC, Then we found that During the piriod of BIOS, the LVDS interface didn't send out the Video Signal, the LVDS Panel didn't work well, no Video Signal, But ,after finish the BIOS, Enter into the Linux OS, the LVDS Panel Has Ligted, and show the right Video, SO we got in trubble. One thing should be attention, In the BIOS piriod, The resolution of the DP Source is 1024*768, But when enter the Linux OS, the resolution of the DP Source change to 1920*1080. How can we fix the problem,make the LVDS Panel work well in the BIOS piriod? I have seen and on page 6 it shows how to read the hardware and firmware version. If I Update the firmware version of PTN3460BS/F2 to F6, can I fix the problem upset? Can you please provide me these tools ?