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T1024RDB eSPI driver in u-boot (fsl-espi.c)

Question asked by Eduard Kromskoy on Sep 24, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Pavel Chubakov



Does anyone have properly fixed eSPI driver for u-boot? Original drivers/spi/fsl-espi.c provided with latest Yocto SDK (I checked 2019.03 and 2019.06) is buggy in regard of transmitting long (multi chunks) bit stream and works for SPI flash read command only. We modified the driver to use Transmit only capabilities of T1024 eSPI and it works fine to configure FPGA. We didn't use SPI flash for booting till now. Now we have new hardware board where we need to boot from SPI flash (so, transmit only driver cannot read image from flash) and at the same time we need to configure FPGA on the board (which original driver cannot do at all). NXP doesn't seem to have any plans to fix their eSPI driver.


So, if anyone already have done this fix to properly shift SPI data in and out, so it can be used to read SPI flash as well as to program FPGA, could you share it.


Thank you very much,