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Using touchscreen with 2 displays

Question asked by Yavuz Selim Mutlu on Sep 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by Yavuz Selim Mutlu

Hi there,


I am trying to run Linux image on two displays. The displays are OK. However, only one of the displays have touchscreen. We run 2 different QT application on 2 different displays. The touchscreen interface runs, however, the touch events we make on the touchscreen display is responsive on the display that does not have touchscreen, what I mean is for example, when I touch the touchscreen coordinates 100,100 on the touchscreen display, the board thinks that I touched 100,100 coordinates on the display that does not have touchscreen.

I tried to change the primary display in the device tree, but no luck. I have done research on weston, again I could not find anything to redirect touch events to the touch display.


The board is iMX8 Quad Max

Weston uses xwayland backend, Yocto BSP version is 4.14.98

What should I do to accomplish this?