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DDR RAM Configuration for the IMX6Q Custom board

Question asked by Puneeth Kumar on Sep 24, 2019
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We are using IMX6 custom board with Micron MT41K256M16TW-107 AIT:P TR DDR3L. For DDR initialization, we are trying to generate the DCD table for 2GB. Used the MX6Q_SabreSD_DDR3_register_programming_aid_v2.3 to generate the DCD table. Generated the table but failed to boot the target device. It fails in RAM initialization. Tried several times but it didnt work. We have taken Sabresd as refernce design for our custom board. So used Sabresd configuration file and the board is booting up and working fine.


When the board went for Radiated emission test, we are observing more emissions around the DDR chip section.

Is it related with the operating frequency of DDR?

If yes, can i change the DDR operating frequency, kindly suggest or provide the procedure for modifying the operating frequency.

Attached is the configuration file using to boot the board.


It would be really helpful if you provide the correct DCD table for 2GB.



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