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Question asked by Kesimir Bilic on Sep 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by Peter Vlna

Hello, i have some questions regarding DCF record for setting FLASH memory blocks to OTP. I have found MPC5744p DFC Config  -v0.3.xml and i know how to create DCF record for OTP flash block but i am not sure what exactly can be set to OTP.


1. It is possible to set just e.g LOW_BLOCK_0 (eeprom) to OTP, and which bit in register value belongs to which block? I assume that value 0x8001000001000010 "lock" low_block_0, and value 0x8002000001000010 "lock" low_block_1, am i correct ?


2. If first question is correct then does value 0x8004000001000010  "lock" low flash memory block 2 that starts on address 0x00F98000 ?


3. Maybe it is silly question but Is there any way to remove OTP from locked block ?

4. On attached photo, if first 5 bits represents control value for 5 high blocks. what does rest 11 bits do ?


5. What are the bits shown in the picture Capture2.png?

Thank you.


EDIT question 4: i meant 6 high blocks, not 5.