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How can i.mx8 booting from qspi?

Question asked by downey downey on Sep 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2019 by Rita Wang

Hi :

      I'm developing on i.mx8mq evk board,and I find it has a QuadSPI. I'm trying to boot from QuadSPI with my i.mx8mq

      evk board, I have took operations below:

      1. Compile a bootloader which named flash.bin, This flash.bin is available( running OK on emmc).

      2. Use uuu tool to burn the flash.bin to qspi with instructions below:

                  uuu -b qspi flash.bin

          from the debug port ,it seems excutes OK!

      3. Looking for the DIP switch settings in  document (linux user guide—— section——4.5.10),I can't find the

            settings for i.mx8,only for i.mx6&7 board.  So ,when I repower ,there is no debug log output.


         And I also have no idea that how to download a kernel Image to qspi.


        Please give me some signals of how to boot from qspi,thanks a lot!


Best Regards.