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Questions about the features KW36 supports

Question asked by Kim moonbeom on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by Xiang Li

I am currently studying BLE using FRDM-KW36.
I have a few questions about the features KW36 supports.


1. Just like the picture below, can KW36 exchange multiple packets between a master and a slave in one connection interval?  (ex. M->S and S->M)
I have changed the example wireless uart to check the channel. (WriteCharacteristicValueWithoutReponse for master and ValueNotification for slave)
The test result shows that each, master and slave, has different channel at the callback function. (client callback, server callback, notification callback)
I hope to exchange data in the same channel. 

Screenshot from 2019-09-21 15-46-32.png
Screenshot from 2019-09-21 15-46-49.png

2. If possible, could you tell me few proper examples or codes to look for?



3. If not, I am curious about what kinds of BLE hopping methods are offered in KW36.


4. Also, are there any ways to lock or unlock the channel?
(I hope to use the standard BLE hopping methods in BLUETOOTH SIG)


5. Is it possible to find the exact channel when a packet has been transmitted or received successfully?
I am currently using XCVR_GetFreq to check the channel in each callback function.


6. Finally, those KW36 offer the CTE, from BT5.1?


Thank you!!!