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How do I build the individual software module inside NXP IoT Modular Gateway?

Question asked by Sejin Kang on Sep 20, 2019

So, what I have been doing is modifying the source code that Modular Gateway product -designed by Volansys- offers so that it meets the requirements of my own projects. It has been successful util now but my concern is, following the  source code build guide that NXP offered takes quite a lot of time. So, everytime I need to debug the code, I endup wasting so much time on building the image.


 For example,  in order to build the source code, the guide advised me  setup Yocto Project, setup MACHINE, configure Build and finally build the image by using bitbake. Of course the first 2 steps are one time setup but  as I mentioned earlier,  using bitbake to produce the image takes too much time because it is designed  to build the whole Linux image including the apps, necessary drivers and etcs and pack it up inside SDCARD image. 


 What I would like to do is, for instance, if I tempered the portion of the code inside, let's say, DeviceControl module, only build the Device Control and put it inside the image built forehand. So, here are my questions.


1. Is that possible?

2. How would I do that?


By now, you probably have realized that I am completely clueless on the general concept of Yocto Project. So, any kind of helpful resource, reference or guidance would be deeply appreciated.


 Thanks for reading and Have a nice day everyone!