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Problem with the Power on reset

Question asked by fernandogarcia on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by fernandogarcia
Hi, I have a problem with the Power on reset. I am using MK26FN2M0VLQ18 in LQFP 144. 
The problem is when the power is disconnected and reconnected, sometimes the microcontroller
does not start, it stays in a state that I do not know. This case only occurs when I
disconnect and the voltage is 1.6-1.7 and I connect power quickly. I think it has to be a
problem with the microcontroller reset. The power is 3.3V.
I can reproduce the error because we have a backup battery, when the battery is between
1.6-1.7V we connect power and sometimes the microcontroller does not start.
I am using Kinetis Design Studio 3 IDE, KSDK 1.3.0 and Processor Expert Software.
I have activated the LVD

What happens?