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U-Boot Unzip Rootfs

Question asked by mitun chidamparam on Sep 20, 2019
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U-Boot - unzip

I am using a SOM based on the NXP i.MX6S7

I want to use the U-boot to update the firmware of our system. When I plugin a USB stick during startup, the u-boot should detect the USB and rewrite the rootfs. 

In my u-boot these are the commands , I am using :

TX6S U-Boot > fatload usb 0:1 18000000  rootfs_tx6-emmc.tgz

                        reading rootfs_tx6-emmc.tgz
                        14063707 bytes read in 443 ms (30.3 MiB/s)


TX6S U-Boot > unzip 18000000 19000000
Uncompressed size: 39219200 = 0x2567000


After I unzip, how do i rewrite the rootfs in my mmc flash ?


Please guide me to the right direction.

Thank you



Mitun Chidamparam