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Zigbee Network Rejoin Issue while Zigbee Co-ordinator Reboot

Question asked by kanji viroja on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2019 by kanji viroja

Hi Support Team,


Understand Below Scenario:

1) Zigbee Co-ordinator Create Network 

2) Router Device Joined Network Successfully


Issue 1: If Zigbee Co-ordinator Rebooted then Router Device doesn't get any information about the ZC rebooted so ZR needs to rejoin the network. so in that case what to do? so the router can get a notification to rejoin network immediately because of Zigbee network again available by ZC.


Issue 2: How to monitor ZC <---> ZR Zigbee network connection continuously without increasing much more traffic in-network? so if any case we lost network at both ends then the device should be put into F&B mode.


As per my current implementation:

A) If the Router reset then it can be able to rejoin the network successfully. That is working fine.

B) If the Router device left network due to management leave request then device put into find & bind mode. That is also working fine.


Please suggest a better solution to the above mentioned two issues (Issue 1 & 2).


Thank you in Advance.


Thank & Best Regards,

Kanji Viroja.