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Meaning of MWCT1000 "Device Fault 0x400" 

Question asked by mwmerlo on Sep 19, 2019

We are debugging a custom board that uses the MWCT1000 wireless power Tx and we are encountering a Device Fault 0x400 reported in the NXP provided Freemaster project. Specifically, RunTimeParams[0].wDeviceFaultStatus = 0x400 during the fault condition.  We have gone through the source code but it appears this fault condition is set within the binary library provided by NXP and therefore we cannot view this part of the code. We have done a lot of testing to try to determine the meaning of this fault code without much luck. I can go into the details of this testing if needed, but the short question is:


Does anyone know the meaning of Device Fault = 0x400?