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How do I send messages perodically using the NXP toolbox?

Question asked by Sebastian Taege on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2019 by Sebastian Taege


I'd like to send a couple of messages with the FCAN_Send block with a low  sample time (e.g. 1ms). I already tried to use a subsystem as atomic unit but depending on the number of blocks which were used in the simulink model the messages were sent only with a higher sample time. I also tried to use the Perodic_Interrupt_Timer as trigger. That worked very well but the number of channels is limited. Is it possible to trigger more than one subsystem with one Periodic_Interrupt_Timer? The Function_Call Split sadly causes an error. I tried to solve this issue by triggering a subsystem which contained ten Function_Call Generators that were used to trigger ten subsystems with the FCAN_Send block and  PIT_Interrupt_Enable_Disable blocks.  I managed to send ten different messages with the desired sample time. My solution is not very elagant and I don't really understand how the PIT_Interrupt_Enable_Disable blocks work. So I'd like to know whether there is a easier solution to send the messages periodically with a desired sample time? Furthermore it would be interesting to know how to use the Periocic_Interrupt_Timer and the PIT_Interrupt_Enable_Disable to trigger ten different subsystems.

Any help on this issue would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!