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How to enable hardware GPP(/dev/mmcblk0gp0p1) on eMMC?

Question asked by ajithpv on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2019 by igorpadykov

Hello Everyone,

We are using i.MX8QXP with Linux 4.14.62 (and also 4.14.98) Yocto Sumo BSP. The U-boot version is 2018.03.

Currently, we are making all our partitions (around 10 partitions contains 3 primary and 7 logical partitions) in the eMMC's User Date Area (UDA). I can able to make the UDA partition as SLC from MLC mode.


Now, we need to make use of the enhanced partition (SLC) on the hardware GPP partitions. AFAIK, the eMMC currently have only boot area partitions (boot0 and boot1), RPMB and UDA. The hardware GPPs are not enabled by default.


I have done a couple of search on net on how to make the hardware GPPs (also list it in the Linux as /dev/mmcblk0gp0p1 or similar) but, didn't get much information.

I'm looking to enable the hardware GPP either via U-boot (using mmc utility or etc.) or through Linux.


Could anyone can help me to figure out how to enable hardware GPPs (as similar to /dev/mmcblk0gp0p1) and also how to make them as SLC in i.MX8QXP platform?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you in advance,
Ajith P V