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HAB4 API RVT exit() return value

Question asked by Matias Larsson on Sep 19, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by Yuri Muhin


I'm having a difficult time understanding the return value of the exit function and hope that someone can help me with it. This is what it says in the API manual:


• HAB_SUCCESS on an IC not configured as HAB_CFG_CLOSED, although
unsuccessful operations will still generate audit log events,
• HAB_WARNING on other ICs if all commands completed without failure (even if
warnings were generated),
• HAB_FAILURE otherwise

But U-Boot source code looks like this:

if (hab_rvt_exit() != HAB_SUCCESS) {
    puts("hab exit function fail\n");


If I understand correctly, hab_rvt_exit() should return HAB_SUCCESS on an open device and HAB_WARNING on a closed device. But the U-Boot code seems to rely on the fact that it returns HAB_SUCCESS on a closed device. Also it returns HAB_SUCCESS on my closed device. What am I missing?



Thank you in advance!




Matias Larsson