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SPC5746R  was no longer reset

Question asked by Chengjiang Jia on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by Peter Vlna

customer found that the hardware used SPC5746RKMMT5, under the condition of repeated POWER ON and POWER OFF (5746R is supplied by 33908 POWER supply, POWER OFF means by cutting OFF 33908 POWER supply and POWER ON means 33908 POWER supply connection 12V), there was a probability that the 5746R stuck during clock  configuration (the frequency division register of DC[1] system was 2), and 5746R was no longer reset.

 At present, we have made two changes to the problem: 1. Change the cpu1 boot address 2. Use CPU0 to run the project code, and CPU1 is only used to start CPU0.No stuckoccurred after test verification. But we don't know why. Please help me to analyze it. Thank you very much!

Boot address before modification:


    flash_rchw :     org = 0x00F9C000,        len = 0x4

    cpu0_reset_vec : org = 0x00F9C000+0x10,   len = 0x4

    cpu1_reset_vec : org = 0x00F9C000+0x14,   len = 0x4


Modified boot address:


    flash_rchw : org = 0x1000000,   len = 0x4

    cpu0_reset_vec : org = 0x1000000+0x10,   len = 0x4

    cpu1_reset_vec : org = 0x1000000+0x14,   len = 0x4