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PIT Interrupt only work on Main for C++ code?

Question asked by Thiago Palmieri on Sep 18, 2019
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I am trying to implement a PIT interrupt on a C++ program.


I have already inserted the extern "C" guards on the interrupt and positioned it outside a Class, but on a different .cpp file than Main function, on the same file that triggers it.

In such scenario the interrupt does not work; however if I just move the interrupt to the main.cpp file it works like a charm. As further information, I am instantiating the class (a singleton) on the main function for PIT testing.


I searched the forums but did not find any explanation about it, is this the expected behavior? Or is there anything else I am missing so I can move it to another .cpp file?


I am using SDK version 2.6.0 (2019-06-14) for the K22FN microcontroller running at 96MHz.


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