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OP-TEE on imx8m mini

Question asked by Boris Shapiro on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by Diego Adrian Cuevas


I am trying to run secure hello-world example on imx8m-mini without success.
My board is from variscite running Linux kernel 4.14.78. I followed instruction to compile tee-supplicant and hello-world host and secure examples.

Running tee-supplicant gives me the error:

ERR [11475] TSUP:main:694: failed to find an OP-TEE supplicant device

In my kernel configuration I have:

# TEE drivers

And in Device tree I added:

firmware {
      optee {
          compatible = "linaro,optee-tz";
          method = "smc";

When system boots I see no /dev/tee in /dev folder and dmesg output is:

optee: probing for conduit method from DT.
optee: api uid mismatch

I tried changing "smc" to "hvc" in device tree method, but the result is the same.


How can I fix this so I can run the code hello-world examples?