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Question asked by sagar yadav on Sep 18, 2019
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I am using s32k144 for my application. I have used FTM0 CH0 and CH1 (100Khz) as Center aligned in Up -Down count mode with complimentary . also I am used FTM3 CH0 as Center aligned in Up -Down count mode but no complimentary .When I have applied fixed duty cycle count.I got correct PWM at FTM0 CH0 and CH1 , but my FTM3 CH0 is shifted by 5usec. I want all PWM channels  start at same instant (FTM0 and FTM3 ),So Which setting I have to do in Init for all PWM start at same time.


Also In ADC module I have used one shot ADC convert with SW trigger. I got correct output but with PDB trigger for continues conversion (for more than 1 channels ex. 4 channels) in polling mode no interrupt what settings I have to do it in ADC INIT. Please share example code for same if available.