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about "flash_program_erase_mpc5748g"

Question asked by Gong jun on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by Gong jun


  I want to program flash for the addr(0x01100000),so I changed the demo “flash_program_erase_mpc5748g”as fllow:

#define BLOCK_START_ADDRS 0x01100000
#define BLOCK_END_ADDRS 0x01107FFF


blockSelect.lowBlockSelect = 0x0U;
blockSelect.midBlockSelect = 0x0U;
blockSelect.highBlockSelect = 0x0U;
blockSelect.first256KBlockSelect = 0x10U;
blockSelect.second256KBlockSelect = 0x0U;

but the program failed to run and reported an error:

IVOR1_Handler() at core0_intc_sw_handlers.S:108 0x1002dae


so is there anything else that needs attention?