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Blank MKL28Z / no FW - what internal HW consumes power?

Question asked by M I on Sep 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Mark Butcher



As the title/question asks - even before there's any FW that will "intentionally" put the MKL28Z to VLLS0 lowest leakage current stop mode through firmware setup - does anyone know which among the internal HW of the MCU is "turned-on" and consuming any power?    We have a backup battery circuitry in our hardware design and for some reason the MCU is drawing some current which consumes the battery. 


Our target is, if flashed with FW to put it in VLLS0 if there's battery backup to draw current at 331 nA or less if I turn off even more.


 I understand if not flashed, there is base ROM bootloader and of course all the 90+ GPIO pins that are connected to external circuitry that may be part of the power consumption there.

But does anyone know which INTERNAL peripheral(s) inside the MCU is running without flashed firmware? 

And in what power mode of sort will it be?