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SCTIMER event not triggering on input (LPC824)

Question asked by James Ward on Sep 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by James Ward

Hi, I'm trying to use the SCTIMER module in my LPC824 to time input signals so i can decode them.  I've managed to get match events to work, however I can't seem to get input events working.  I've set up my event using your sdk like so:

if(SCTIMER_CreateAndScheduleEvent(SCTIMER_1_PERIPHERAL, kSCTIMER_InputRiseEvent, 0, kSCTIMER_Input_1, kSCTIMER_Counter_L, &SCTimer_1_event[0]) == kStatus_Fail){
USART_WriteBlocking(USART0, riseEventFailMsg,35);

but it doesn't seem to trigger (i have both a capture and led output set to activate when the event triggers, i know they work with match events).  I suspect the most likely candidate is a faulty config in pinmux.c but I can't find anything wrong, here's the relevant parts out of pinmux as well:

/* SCT_PIN0. Assign to pin using the switch matrix 1 */


/* SCT_PIN0 connect to P0_2 */
SWM_SetMovablePinSelect(SWM0, kSWM_SCT_PIN0, kSWM_PortPin_P0_2);


Anyone got any ideas?