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MC33905S  Exercising I/O-3

Question asked by Tawit Uthaicharoenpong on Sep 16, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by Tawit Uthaicharoenpong

I am using MC33905S for my application, as power regulator and CAN transceiver, in Normal mode and is working fine so far. However, I can't make the I/O-3 to drive a small LED.


What I have done is, during Initializing the LIN and I/O I set the LIN_T2[1], LIN_T2[0] bits to '10' for 'pin operation as I/O: HS switch and Wake-up input'


And when in Normal mode I set the I/O register I/O-3 [1], I/O-3 [0] to '11' for 'I/O-3 HS driver enable' which should bring the I/O-3 pin to Vsup2 voltage and drive my LED ... but it doesn't.


Can anyone point-out what did I missed? I can control I/O-0 and I/O-1 just fine but not I/O-3.