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Freemaster with MPC5643L_PMSM_Dual.pmp demo

Question asked by Johnathan Deas on Sep 16, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2019 by Johnathan Deas

I am having difficulty setting up the BLDC development kit demo in Freemaster while following the directions from the quick start guide. 


Com drivers are installed and I can verify that Freemaster can locate and connect to the development board at the specified 19200 Bd.


I have also located and installed the appropriate application software. In addition, have located the appropriate .pmp file for my kit.


Opening the file with Freemaster gives a missing definition error with using the last known address failing to give proper values.  The kit remains in its demo mode when connected and i am unable to interact with the kit using the software.  There is no .elf fine included in the application software for fix the missing definition error.  Have I missed anything?