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FC602 automotive ethernet stick + TJA1101 + S32K148EVB

Question asked by Carl Larsson on Sep 16, 2019
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Has someone used the FC602 ethernet stick together with the TJA1101 and the S32K148EVB? I have flashed the board with the example code from the "enet_loopback_s32k148" project and debugged it and it seems to work correctly. I have set up the TJA1101 to act as a slave and the FC602 as a master. I have also followed the user manual in that comes with the FC602 stick. My PC is running Windows 10. My PC recognizes the FC602 stick and it is visible in the list of ethernet devices but it says that it isn't connected. I have tried to ping it but it doesn't respond. I have attached a picture of my set up.

Has anyone used the FC602 stick and verified that it works?