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Discussion created by Alpesh Borad on Sep 15, 2019



I am going to use MKW36A512VFT4 in my Automotive upcoming Project.


I have read the datasheet and found that there are options in Power configuration, By pass mode and Buck mode.


Buck Mode :- As per Datasheet," In Buck mode, DC-DC converter will generate 1.8V at VDD_1P8OUT and 1.5V at VDD_1P5OUT_PMCIN pins. VDD_1P8OUT should supply to VDD1, VDD2 and VDDA. VDD_1P5OUT_PMCIN should supply to VDD_RF1 and VDD_RF2. VDDXTAL can be either supplied by 1.5V or 1.8V. "

My Thought :- For that need to Supply 3.3V at Pins - DCDC_CFG, PSWITCH and VDCDC_IN.


If I want to use Bypass, So I will connect Pins as mentioned below,

      1)   PSWITCH to GND

      2)   DCDC_CFG to 3.3V,

      3)   VDCDC_IN to 3.3V,

      4)   VDD_0 & VDD_1 to 3.3V,

      5)   VDD_RF1, RF2, RF3 to 3.3V.

But what should I do with Pins - VDD_1P8OUT & VDD_1P5OUT_PMCIN. Should I leave them floating?


Please suggest me to use MKW36A512VFT4  in Bypass mode and suggest correct connections if It have made wrong in my details.