Ricardo Polanias

Error in component bean eeprom in 9s12g128

Discussion created by Ricardo Polanias on Sep 14, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by Diana Batrlova

Hello everyone,


I have a project with codewarrior 5.2, Processor Expert and MCU 9S12G128.


when adding the EEPROM bean I have this error:


+ERROR: Compiler option -CpPPAGE=0x15 (address of PPAGE register) or -CpPPAGE=RUNTIME must be set to compile the generated code correctly (current target settings, Compiler for HC12, Options, Code Generation tab, PPAGE register is used for paging). After compiler option change, run Code design to apply the change in Processor Expert. For details, see Help of the component.

+ERROR: There are errors in component, it is impossible to generate code


I appreciate any help.