AnsweredAssumed Answered rt 1050; Boot room does not jump to QSPI

Question asked by Murat Cakmak on Sep 13, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2019 by jeremyzhou

Hi All, 


We have own rt 1050 board, I had a problematic application which prevents me to erase/program the QSPI flash. Than I enabled "Serial Download" and I was able to erase the QSPI flash. 

And then, the strange things started to happen. 

For a while I could not download the image, it was saying that failed to erase the first sector (0x6000000). 


But suddenly, the programming started to work, so I can program now. 


And now, when I debug my code, it seems the code somehow gets stuck in the Boot ROM (~ 0x20 0000). 

The boot rom code is running, but somehow does not jump to the user application. 


I am trying to install a release version of my code which should work. 

I am checking the image, it seems ok, it has XIP Header, so the application should be ok. 


I am wondering did I somehow changed the BOOT Fuses. 


Any idea?