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Why Imx6q  ethernet is too slow?

Question asked by Muhammet Emin ŞAHİN on Sep 12, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2019 by Bio_TICFSL

Hello  Everyone


I have tried several methods to test the ethernet communication of the Imx6 card.


1) When I ping in my computer from IMX6, the ping does not reach the IMX6. But when I ping to imx6 from the computer, it reaches. Test results is below.

Ping Test

Test 1.1

Ping Test

Test 1.2



2) Tested with Iperf3. When the computer works as a client, it can receive data from imx6. However, when imx6 works as a client, imx6 cannot receive data. The bandwidth is too low. Test results is below.


Iperf3 Test

Test 2.1

Iperf3 Test

Test 2.2


What are the causes of these problems?

What are your suggestions?





Test Environment

IMX6 Quad

U-Boot Versiyonu:  U-Boot 2015.04-TQMa6-20151002 (Sep 16 2016 - 14:58:59)

Kernel Versiyonu: 3.14.28-g5e30b53-dirty

Computer: ASUS R510V (Gigabit Ethernet)