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Codewarrior crashes when trying to open any menu item on linux

Discussion created by Ruben Valls Blasco on Mar 1, 2009
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Hi everyone!

I have recently installed Codewarrior on my laptop, using Fedora Core 10 but I can't do anything with it. Everytime I try to open some file from the File/New or File/Open, the program crashes with the following output:



CodeWarrior_IDE: xcb_lock.c:77: _XGetXCBBuffer: Assertion `((int) ((xcb_req) - (dpy->request)) >= 0)' failed.

Allocated Threads :
ThreadID: 100 (1900976) Ready

Yielding Threads :

IDE Version: 5.9.0 Build 2482 has crashed.
Fatal error (SIGABRT) caught in Process 3335 Thread 1900976

Crash dump written to /home/lopital/.CodeWarrior/Preferences/Metrowerks/CodeWarrior_IDE.20090301.171441A.linux.dump



I'm using Codewarrior for Coldfire V 5.9.0, and I have tried it on Fedora Core 10 and Ubuntu 8.10, and in both OS I have the same error.


Searching the forum I have seen that "maybe" in Fedora Core 3 ( and in Ubuntu 7 ( it works.


My question is: Codewarrior does not work in Fedora Core 10 or Ubuntu 8.10 or I am doing something bad? If it works in either FC10 or Ubuntu 8.10, please, can someone tell me step by step how to solve it? I prefer Ubuntu 8.10, but if it can't be, then FC10 is good also.


Thanks in advance,



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