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SCI on PAN82154 (GT60)

Discussion created by Ahmad Syazwan on Mar 1, 2009
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I have been stuck trying to get Serial Communication Interface on this low power module for days! Let me explain:


-PAN82154HAR00 with MCU S08GT60 (Based on SARD)

-Started with Freescale BeeKit SMAC demo: PER test

-Everything worked after some header modifications to support my module. Except nothing is displayed on my Hyperterminal. Baud rate 38.4k, 8-N-1, no flow control setting as suggested by the demo and PAN82154 data sheet. SCI COM port is set to 1

-Learnt that I need to set pin 6 of port C to high, otherwise RS-232 IC will go into sleep mode to conserve power

-Still nothing on Hyperterminal


I have tried going through the SCITransmitStr() function step by step in debug mode using CodeWarrior.  I can pretty much understand what it's doing and it appears to be sending a character at a time everytime TX buffer is empty. How can I still not see them on my Hyperterminal? Any idea what I am missing?


Really hope someone can shed some light...