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iMX1064 Crystal required? SWD support

Question asked by Harjit Singh on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by Victor Jimenez


My design is severely board space constrained. The latest reference manual (IMXRT1064RM, Rev 0.1, 12/2018), section 14.4.3 RC Oscillator (24 MHz) says:

A lower-power RC oscillator module is available on-chip as a possible alternative to the
24 MHz crystal oscillator after a successful power-up sequence.


I don't need precise timing in my system. I'd love to eliminate the external oscillator / crystal and use this built in circuit. Has anyone succeeded in doing this?


For the 32kHz, I don't need precision. Section 14.5.1 says:

The internal oscillator is automatically multiplexed in the clocking system when the
system detects a loss of clock.

This gives me hope that I can not use a 32kHz crystal/oscillator and be fine. Yes?



The latest reference manual (IMXRT1064RM, Rev 0.1, 12/2018), section 1.3 says:

• Support for 5-pin (JTAG) and SWD debug interfaces


Doing a search for SWD, I can see how to route the signal but I don't see any more details. Does anyone have SWD working?

Thanks in advance.