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MPC5748G not works after disconnecting debugger

Question asked by Hussain Usman on Sep 11, 2019
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I am using MPC5748G, Working in Bootloader project and using Lauterbach debugger. I am facing an issue as when i connects through debugger, i can see bootloader is working but when i remove the debugger, and notices as nothing startup. itseems like continous reset, i assume that will be watchdog. How can i disable the watchdog. ?

i added my code snippet for disabling the watchdog. 


SWT_SR = (uint32)0x0000C520;
SWT_SR = (uint32)0x0000D928; /* clear softlockbit */
SWT_CR = (uint32)0x80000102;


but still having the issue. 

Do i need to disbale anything else?



Hussain U