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CAN Communication problem(S12ZVM)

Question asked by max xu on Sep 11, 2019
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   Hello everyone,I use S12ZVML32 for can communication,


   The settings are as follows: 


    CAN0IDAC_IDAM = 0; /* Two 32 bit filters */


    CAN0IDAR0 = 0x64;  //ID 0X322
    CAN0IDAR1 = 0x40;

   CAN0IDMR0 = 0x00; /* Accept all incoming ID's */
   CAN0IDMR1 = 0x07;
   CAN0IDMR2 = 0xFF;
   CAN0IDMR3 = 0xFF;
   CAN0IDMR4 = 0x00;
   CAN0IDMR5 = 0x07;
   CAN0IDMR6 = 0xFF;
   CAN0IDMR7 = 0xFF;


   (1)   I can receive not only the data with ID = 0x322, but also the data with ID = 0X000. According to the settings, only ID = 0X322 can match, and whether ID = 0X000 is unconditional?

   (2)  Why?Both  first 32-bit filter bank (CANIDAR0–CANIDAR3, CANIDMR0–CANIDMR3)  and

                         the second filter bank (CANIDAR4–CANIDAR7, CANIDMR4–CANIDMR7)  must be set