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How do I monitor variables in real time in CW10.7

Question asked by xian pudong on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2019 by Felipe García

关于CW10.7的调试问题。当我要实时监控一个结构体里的变量时,调试界面的Variables并不能支持单独监控这个结构体里的变量,而是需要把这个结构体加上去再展开。这里面会有两个问题:一,当我结构体里的变量特别多时,寻找起来会特别麻烦。二,当我电机Refresh While Running的时候,如果refresh的时间调到0.1s,那么结构体就会不停地展开闭合,导致我根本无法实时监控某个变量,只能将程序暂停下来再查看。

Debugging issues with CW10.7.When I want to monitor Variables in a structure in real time, Variables in the debugging interface cannot support monitoring Variables in the structure alone, but need to add and expand the structure.There are two problems with this. One, when there are too many variables in my structure, it is very difficult to find them.Secondly, when my motor refreshes While Running, if the Refresh time is set to 0.1s, the structure will keep expanding and closing, which makes it impossible for me to monitor a variable in real time, so I can only pause the program and check it again.