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Copy flash drivers from ROM to RAM

Question asked by ponni kurian on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by Lukas Zadrapa


I am using c55 flash libraries  for my controlller s32r274.So inorder to perform flash erase and write 

I need to copy flash libraries from ROM to RAM


for this i used linker script using ld file


RAM_FLASHCODE : org = 0x40010400, len = 32K



/* Flash code load in RAM*/
.flashlib : {} > RAM_FLASHCODE


After compilation i am able to see flash libraries in RAM location.


But after flashing the code to ECU and during test it is not working


During flash init ,the control is moved to RAM,but its not executing.


So i need to know if i need to add some extra code during start up to execute from RAM?