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How do I connect the board and analog sensor?

Question asked by Toshiyuki Takagi on Sep 11, 2019
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I want to get analog sensor values using NXP board "TWR-KE18F".
However, it is not done for the following reasons.


 - I don't know much about the hardware, so I don't know how to connect the board and sensor.
   How can I connect the board and sensor?


 - I don't know the code to use the external analog sensor.
   Please tell me the sample code to get the value of external analog sensor.
   I understand how to get the value of the potentiometer attached to the board in the SDK sample project “adc12_polling”.
   However, the code that uses an external analog sensor is not known.


I have the "TWR-ELEV" and "TWR-PROTO" necessary to configure the tower module.
I have external sensors such as light sensors and temperature sensors.


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